Doin’ It Right at Birdsall House

In the recent months and perhaps years, Peekskill, NY has been on the up-and-coming lately with some pretty amazing eateries. Being somebody who grew up in the area and witnessed the many changes, it is rather pleasing to see this cute little river town be put back on the map. Westchester County and the Hudson Valley is filled with all kinds of history and you can find a lot of it right in Peekskill.
Peekskill is known for its history in the ironworks, as well as companies like the Binney & Smith Company who are known for making Crayola products. Other know historical events took place here like the Peekskill Riots of 1949. ..But more about the food.
The fairly new Birdsall House is a gastropub that not only has an incredible list of beer for the beer enthusiast, they have a variety of dishes that perfectly compliment the choices of beverage created by Chef Krista Espinal. The gastropub was established in 2010 by owners Tim Reinke and John Sharp who is known for other eateries located in Peekskill. In 2011, a year following the opening, Birdsall House introduced their outdoor beer garden.
With a desire to try something new, my wife and I decided to give the Birdsall House a go. After we saw a review on the Restaurant Hunter, it was clear that it was a place worth visiting. We decided to stop in for a Sunday brunch being it something we don’t normally do. I was initially shocked by the size of the bar, which was rather large, but seeing the list of beer made it clear that they would never have any issues filling it. If you visit, make sure you pay some respect to the bar itself because it looks like the owners kept the original wood work and counter top from many years ago. It definitely throws you back in time to the 1950’s.
They had a pretty good crowd for brunch but Arlene and I managed to be seated. Brunch was a prix fixed menu for $21.00 per person which included your choice of a beer, Bloody Mary, or a mimosa along with a side dish and your main entree. Arlene and I ordered the same thing as the dish was perfect for brunch. Corned beef with crispy potato bits, caramelized onions, fried eggs, and toast with apple butter.
As our side dish we ordered the white bean and sausage chili, and what better of a drink to accompany this dish than a mimosa. Generally, I am not a fan of mimosas but this one was well made and for the price you really couldn’t go wrong. One of the many beers was tempting, but I knew that I would enjoy this on a later visit.
The whole dish was served on a cast iron skilled and finished with a parsley garnish. The eggs were perfectly fried sunny side up and the corned beef was shredded so you could easily grab a fork full every time. It was the kind of corned beef that melted in your mouth. The cast iron skillet ensured a warm meal for however long it would take to finish as well as supplied a constant aroma of this amazing concoction.

What I really like about this place is that it is perfect for all different occasions’ whether you are looking for brunch on the weekends, a great place to grab a drink with some friends for happy hour, or have a creative dish for dinner. If you are looking for originality than Birdsall House is the place to go. While also supporting local farms and the seasonal foods of New York, Chef Krista Espinal will surely impress. You will leave there with a full stomach and satisfaction as well as intent to return. 

Birdsall House
970 Main Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 930-1880

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