Photos from The Culinary Institute of America + Their New Brewery

Writing by Andrew. Photos mostly by Damion, like 2-3 by Andrew. 

That scenery tho…
Just before the end of 2015, Damion and I were invited up to The Culinary Institute of American at Hyde Park to check out the brand new collaboration brewery between the school the Brooklyn Brewery.
The event was media only, with the exception of the team from Brooklyn Brewery that included Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, and faculty, students, and CIA Brewmaster Hutch Kugeman. We got to learn about what’s going on at the brewery and what they’re doing in that class, yes, you read that right, “CLASS,” as in they learn all about brewing, and beer as it applies to the culinary world.
We’re not here to tell you about that because that article has already been written by me, with photos by Damion. You can check it out HERE.
What we did want to do is show you the rest of the photos that didn’t make the article because we had a truly awesome time, and the photos are seriously awesome. And yeah, we got fed up there too, so allow us to show you some #foodporn that we indulged in made by the CIA’s restaurant, American Bounty.
If you like beer, small plates, and burgers, and culinary school, you’ll love this.

Brewery game tight

We were welcomed with a golden gift in IPA form

This very drinkable IPA is dubbed “Cast Iron IPA.” So appropriate for a culinary school.

A selection of cheeses right in the brewery.

One of the students in the class filling a pitcher. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Brewmaster Hutch Kugeman telling us about what’s going on at the brewery/in the class.

CIA’s Senior Director of Food and Beverage Operations Waldy Malouf looks on as Hutch speaks.

Professor of Hospitality and Service Management Douglass Miller prepping to step up and speak about the brewing class.

Hutch & Garrett Oliver just chillin.

From left: Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, CIA’s Senior Director of Food and Beverage Operations Waldy Malouf, Professor of Hospitality and Service Management John Fischer, Head Brewer Hutch Kugeman, Professor of Hospitality and Service Management Douglass Miller.

Trust this, it’s way better than your school’s cafe. Students cook here and get hands on experience too, and there’s even a restaurant that acts as a new concept every semester. So, so cool.

We were treated to an epic lunch courtesy of American Bounty, one of the CIA’s restaurants that is open to the public.

Shrimp, grown locally. You can even eat the shells that have a crispy chip-like quality to them.

Seasonal veggie platter with black truffles.

Serious burger and fries with homemade ketchup.

The private dining room. Yes, that is me having lunch with Garrett Oliver.

Cookies like whoa.

Cake, ice cream, and a stout? Don’t mind if I do.

Afterwards, a bunch of us stayed for a private guided tour of the campus.

Lavender is one of the many things grown on campus. We were told there are fruits and veggies growing about, including strawberries, grapes, Brussels spouts and more.

Gingerbread houses created to mimic the CIA campuses nationwide.


We peeked inside of a few classrooms. Drooling may have taken place.

A fish sculpture made out of eating utensils!

One of the dining areas inside another CIA restaurant called The Bocuse Restaurant, known for its contemporary French cuisine.

Wine. Wow. Wine.

Brussels sprouts!

Old mixer on display

Chef Crossing! Taken on the way out 😦 Hopefully we’ll get to visit again real soon.

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  1. Wow, a brewery is there now. Quite a big difference from when my father graduated the CIA when it was in New Haven.


  2. Oh yeah, that is some campus, let me tell ya. Very cool to have beer there and to have students learning about it. Beer is a big part of the industry now.


  3. Jeeze that takes me back! Graduated there in 2008.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Just one thing…the CIA is in Hyde Park, NY (Dutchess County).NEW Hyde Park is on Long Island.

    William F. Burbank, Class of “83


  5. Smirkelpus says:

    The place is amazing ! My daughter is there in class right now !


  6. Thanks for catching that!


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