Originality in Yorktown at Destination Bistro

Yorktown is a tough spot, it’s a hit and miss. It’s an upper middle class where people work their butts off to support their family and it’s something I respect. I get it. We like to think of this place as a destination.”
Clocks on the back wall with the cities put a meaning to destination
Let me first open by saying that Destination Bistro is a blessing to Yorktown Heights, NY. Chef Rob Del Balzo certainly brings originality to the town as his dishes are so well crafted and planned out that there is no question that you will leave satisfied. Rob has some dishes that will having you coming back for more like his macaroni and cheese (my favorite), or his signature dish, Chicken Carol, a dish named after his mother. If you are a fan of chicken, this will be your go to again and again.

Chef Rob Del Balzo has many uniquely crafted dishes that will stimulate your taste buds. During my visit to Destination Bistro, I had the luxury in sampling some favorite dishes such as Chicken Carol, and macaroni and cheese, and the chipotle BBQ pulled pork. My wife Arlene and I got to sample these dishes as well as our own, and we certainly let with full stomachs and the intent to come back.

Chipotle BBQ pulled pork
Panko crusted macaroni and cheese
We both ordered a dish from the menu, Arlene chose a shrimp and grits platter and me going with the wasabi crusted salmon. It is safe to say that our appetizers were a variety of sample dishes that Rob had sent out to us, but I also couldn’t resist the temptation of a homemade clam chowder, made New England style with just a touch of Manhattan.

New England/Manhattan Clam chowder (a special for the night)
Now let’s dive into some of these dishes. The macaroni and cheese is by far one of my favorites and this version is Panko crusted with a mixture of cheeses that makes this dish delectable. It’s a perfect appetizer or a side dish as well as something excellent for the children. This gooey dish is certainly irresistible. The Chicken Carol Dish is a seasoned boneless chicken breast sautéed in a white wine and tomato reduction with caramelized shallots and garlic with artichokes, olives, and mushrooms. As I said before, if you are a fan of chicken, this will become your new addiction. Arlene and I were practically fighting over the last bite. A third dish we were presented with was Chef Rob’s recipe of Chipotle BBQ pulled pork which is a  slow-smoked, perfectly seasoned tender pork slathered in a homemade chipotle barbecue sauce.

Chicken Carol, a signature dish named after the Chef’s mother.
A fourth dish that Chef Rob brought out to us was probably one of the best crab cakes that I have ever had. Arlene, being a fan of crab cakes, fell in love with this dish and proclaimed that the next time she returned, she would surly get this as a main dish. We got to sit down with Chef Rob and he spilled the beans on this creation. A beautiful crafted crab patty from colossal crab with no fillers like most places. The average crab cake that you will get anywhere else would contain fillers sometimes making up 50% or more of the cake, but this was all colossal lump crab with little fillers like peppers, corn, celery, and some old bay all topped on a polenta with manchego cheese.

Colossal lump crab cake
To talk briefly about my dish, I had to compliment the Chef on the wasabi crusted salmon as I had never had it this way. It is quite common where one would tread lightly when it comes to wasabi, but I assure that this was not what you would expect. This salmon was perfectly cooked, paired with a purple potato and rice pilaf. Arlene’s dish was a Louisiana style shrimp and grits with jumbo shrimp.  Though I didn’t have the chance to sample this dish, it looked amazing.

Wasabi crusted salmon
Shrimp and grits
For dessert, Arlene and I split a chocolate mousse dish with caramelized bananas topped with whipped cream and Oreo crumbs. There was some several other amazing options like the chocolate cake, but being as full as we were, Arlene and I decided on something lighter, but also a recommendation by the chef himself, and what a choice it was. I hope its still on the menu the next time we return.

A beautiful desert of chocolate mousse and caramelized abnanas 
Everything about Destination Bistro, you will fall in love with. The integrity of what this restaurant is and how it came to be, the idea of what Chef Rob Del Balzo emphasizes on what destination means to Yorktown and his beliefs in the town. Yorktown is an amazing town. All the residents love it and we love to see it thrive and become a success. It is a great thing to see small businesses popping up in this little town. We live in a great town destined for success.  Destination Bistro is one of those success stories. As well as owning Destination Bistro, Chef Rob also has a catering menu available from Nuttin To It Catering where he is master chef and owner as well.

Chef Rob Del Balzo tells us that all the regulars are locals and they talk the place up. There is no doubt that I will become a regular at this place. The incredible food, the amazing atmosphere and the friendliest staff you will ever meet, this place has gained my utmost respect.

Destination Bistro & Nuttin to It Catering
2013 Crompond Road
Yorktown heights, NY 10598

(914) 245 0500

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  1. J Roche says:

    What a wonderful recommendation. Well written and beautifully photographed! I cannot wait to dine at Destination Bistro.


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