Pizza Surf Club is Coming to Fortina Stamford’s Rooftop

Cowabunga, dudes! 

Remember when Fortina Stamford opened and they were supposed to open that sick rooftop that overlooks the harbor, but then it never happened?

We do too. And it hurt, bad 😦

Dreams of eating pizza while overlooking the water at sunset while thinking about life were shattered… but WAIT!!!!! Something is happening and it’s happening soon!

Fairfield County has needed a Tiki drink spot for a while. About damn time!


Umm…This is boozy Italian ice. Sign me up.

That rooftop space will be Fortina Surf Club, basically a concept within (or on top of?) a concept, and it’s going to be lit, homies. And with a name like “Surf Club,” it’s probably what you think it is…Tiki-style cocktails complete with little umbrellas? Yes.

Hot dog taco? Yes, please!

The food will be different, and if you paid attention to their Instagram feed you may have noticed some eclectic items like hot dog tacos and stuff like bags of Doritos with jicama, carrots, cucumbers, candied peanuts, gummy bears, pickled pork skin, hot sauce, crema fresca, avocado, the obligatory Parmesan, sesame, and lime. That’s a mouthful, and perfect drunk food 😛 We’ve also heard whispers that they’ll be whipping up fish sticks, Kobe beef corn dogs, and other super creative grub.

Details about ordering are simple. At Pizza Surf Club tickets have to be purchased for food and beverages and it will be done push cart style; someone will come around, similar to a dim sum restaurant and you can exchange tickets for food & drink. Chef Jared Falco told us that the inspiration for the idea came from dim sum restaurants and street food. He also mentioned that pizza, pasta, and all that good “Bronx Italian” food that Fortina serves can still be had but you have to go downstairs, order and pay for it there, then bring it up to the rooftop since they’re keeping Fortina and Pizza Surf Club separate.

Fortina. Rooftop. Fun food. Great tropical drinks. Pizza Surf Club…Let’s do this thing!

The party at Pizza Surf Club goes down at Fortina Stamford (120 Washington Blvd.) on Sunday, April 17 at noon. Take note: Pizza Surf Club will be open daily from 12 p.m. – Close after this Sunday, weather permitting.

Be there or be lame af.


 (All photos, except the Ninja Turtles, courtesy of Fortina)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cecilia says:

    Ooooh…hot dog taco huh! What's that green drink in the first picture? Now I'm curious!


  2. Alicia Ghio says:

    Seriously, with a name like Pizza Surf Club how could you go wrong!


  3. Unknown says:

    I hope you meant “slick rooftop,” not the “slick rooftop” that appears in your story. The former is repelling, while the latter is inviting. 😉


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