Arthur Avenue Markets: A Pictorial Review

Foods. A lot. 
Earlier this year when it was still very cold out, I got invited to go on a walking tour of Arthur Avenue along with some folks from Westchester Magazine, a few writers—including my pal Amy Sowder—and chef Mogan Anthony (Village Social, Locali) and his chef de cuisine Mauricio Nunez. The tour was courtesy of Feast on History, led by the husband and wife team of Christian Galliani and Danielle Oteri. They offer wine-based tours in Italy, but in addition to those overseas trips, the Arthur Avenue tour is one that shouldn’t be missed.
Christian Galliani and Danielle Oteri, owners of Feast on History.
Christian and Danielle are very informative on the tour, and it’s no surprise considering they both have roots in THE REAL Little Italy. Our group found out about numerous markets, what they sell, what’s good to eat or buy there, and even that Mario’s Restaurant was supposed to be the setting for Michael Corleone’s gun-taped-under-the-sink scene in The Godfather, but they didn’t want to feed into that Italian/gangster stereotype. Great film, cool info that I didn’t know previously.
We didn’t do much of the restaurant scene (and there are some great ones on Arthur Ave.) but focused more on the specialty shops and indoor markets. Prosciutto bread from Addeo & Sons, Italian combos from Mike’s Deli, cured meats from Calabria Pork Store. That’s just a sample. And you damn well know that I filled the backseat of my car with hot/cold bags, coolers, and ice packs, because I basically went grocery shopping.
I wrote something previously that you can read HERE, but I wanted to toss up a blog post just to showcase more of the delicious photos and to hopefully encourage you to stop by Arthur Ave. and not wait decades to go back like I did. It’s safe to say, I’ll never be apart from Little Italy that long again. Next time I’ll make restaurants the focus and maybe I’ll bring just one cooler. Or two.
Pork ceiling at Calabria Pork Store


Dude in front clearly loves cured meats



Love the bread in the window sill. Self service.


Prosciutto bread is basically buttery, flaky rings of goodness with chunks of meat baked in.


Mario’s. Not seen in The Godfather.


It’s my namesake, I had to.






Double cheesy


I bought a good chunk of expensive truffle cheese for everyone to try. We all wanted it. Someone had to do it.


Cigar rolling inside the Arthur Avenue Market



The famous Mike’s Deli with homemade focaccia. Don’t miss the homemade mozzarella here. We got served some fresh cheese that was still warm. MMMMMMM!


Chef Mogan and Mauricio ordering up at Mike’s



Star of David signifying the Jewish shops that sold Italian goods years ago and still do to this day



It’s pudding. Pudding with pig’s blood. I wanted to try it, so did the chefs, everyone else…not so much.

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  1. Kate Maccio says:

    This looks like a great trip. I'll have to do it before it gets too hot out haha


  2. Haha! Totally agree. I'm in NYC a lot but I can't deal with the heat and the combo of walking around and being in the subway.


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