WUJI: “Upscale” Chinese Hits Fairfield & Westchester Counties

“Upscale” meaning WAYYY better than your neighbor dive Chinese joint.


When I heard about the concept for WUJI I was excited. I can best describe it as higher end Chinese food than what you’d get at your corner Asian spot. You’ll see some familiar food, but it’s better, it’s organic, they use top quality ingredients, and nothing is drenched in sugary sauce. That intrigues me because I’m super selective about where I get Chinese food around here.

I finally got a chance to experience WUJI’s Greenwich location (after missing other invites in Scarsdale and Rye) and enjoyed it more than I originally thought I would.

WUJI first surprised me with its cocktail program. Sure, I might’ve started my alcohol consumption with a Tsingtao—cuz ya just gotta do it—but the mixed drinks were damn fine. I followed up the popular pilsner with a fruity but equally boozy Mai Tai, and eventually moved onto the stronger and citrusy Mandarin Sidecar; this was a good take on a classic cocktail. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the bar program but left thinking, “I could seriously come here just to drink.”

When we all sat down the food—probably more than half the menu—came out fast and furious. Crispy and creamy crab Rangoon, savory pork and shrimp soup dumplings (that weren’t scalding hot, thank god), and sticky, sweet honey plum glazed pork ribs made their way out to the tables. None of it lasted very long, especially the ribs, that had a slight chew but came off the bone with a tug of the teeth. I could’ve eaten a few dozen.

After the small stuff, an array of fried rice dishes (spicy fried, lobster fried, veggie fried) made their way out, along with vegetable lo mein, to accompany some of WUJI’s bigger plates. The Peking duck was one of those, and it’s a must try. The succulent duck was juicy, its skin crisped and browned to perfection, and it’s fun putting flavor combos together inside the pancakes they provided. Following the duck was the Cantonese roast chicken, a whole bird, carved up and served with crispy skin also, and it sits in a light, brothy sauce. This juicy poultry dish (even the white meat was juicy!) was my favorite of the night. Normally I don’t order chicken at restaurants but I’d order this any time. Both the chicken and the duck are suitable for table sharing.


I was full following all this, but we were treated to a few desserts in the form of a peach and blueberry tart, and banana cheesecake spring rolls, but I was more partial to the whimsical bush-sized puff of cotton candy that gets delivered to every table post-meal. It’s great to be a kid again, even for a few seconds of sugary indulgence. Also good? The six containers of leftover food that I got to take home to hold me over until I can visit again.

Multiple locations
WUJI on Facebook
Instagram: @wujichinesefood

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