Two Roads Bragpost


How do you begin to tell people about something that they really can’t experience at one of Connecticut’s best breweries?

It’s a tough task, so I’m just going to brag about this exclusive media invite at Two Roads Brewing Company. How exclusive? Less than 10 beer/food writers were invited up—that’s not counting Two Roads’ head brewer Phil Markowski, and founders Brad Hittle and Clem Pellani, and other cool folks from the brewery. And while I may have some cred, I wouldn’t have even known about this, nor would I have even been invited if it wasn’t for my friend Dan from OmNomCT (who wrote a cool post, so check it out HERE). Kristien couldn’t go, so Dan asked if I was interested. At first I thought I might be busy and even considered passing it up as I had been to the brewery less than a week prior. That would have been a tragic error, by the way. I just said “Yes,” thinking it would be a basic day at the brewery; sip some beers, learn about the process, have a few small bites. I was partially right, but this was an invite for the ages, and easily in my Top 3-5 ever and I’ve been on a lot of very cool food and drink exploits.


Instead of going on and on in a lengthy textual post, I’m doing this all in top quality pics, a few crummy iPhone vids, and captions that I hope will be quirky and informative.

Indulge in this experience! And it’s totally fine to be hop-green with envy, or to have thoughts of wanting to throw a full can of beer at my face, hard.

Maybe you’ll see some things you haven’t seen on the Two Roads’ tours, and maybe you’ll learn something too. Mostly you’ll just drool.

Then this happened…Brewmaster’s vault. We got to taste every rare Two Roads creation since they opened.

Tour time!
Yeah, so they have a mad scientist lab. There’s a video too. Just keep scrolling…
Down the line
It doesn’t get any fresher than that 😉

After shopping in the store, post tour, we took the Beer Bus out to Stratford Point. Out there the Connecticut Audubon Society is doing some habitat restoration and it’s a known bird sanctuary near the mouth of the Housatonic. More HERE.
It’s very nice out there.
As you can see.
The CT Audubon Society even built a freshwater pond so the birds can drink. The land is also regarded as having one of the best views of the moon in the state.
We were there for a reason. Marcia Selden Catering served us a four-course dinner with beer pairings. Some are missing because I wasn’t just hungry, I was HANGRY.


The End

Two Roads is great, and not just because of this epic day. Stay tuned into what’s going on with them at

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  1. It was such an awesome day, great pics broheim! 🙂 Glad we could chill.


    1. Thanks, brotha! Yes! This one will be so difficult to top.

      Liked by 1 person

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