Inhaling the Harlan Burger

What the hell took us so long?

You ever feel like you’re the only one in a certain area who hasn’t tried something?

We felt that way for years about the burger at Harlan Publick (or Social, same burger), and there’s no real reason why we took forever to try one, except that we’re idiots for not doing so sooner.

The Harlan Burger gets rave reviews from customers, our personal friends, other food bloggers and writers, and even some big-time burger guys like the fellas at Gotham Burger Social Club. It even appears on “best of” burger lists year after year.

harlan drink
Buffalo Fashion. Bourbon + burgers. Sorry for the cell phone pics, btw 😦

We made a promise that this year’s pre-holiday drunk fest, that went down two days before Christmas, would begin at Harlan Publick in South Norwalk. Coating our stomachs with a beefy burger and fresh cut fries seemed like a good idea and a professional drinking move. It also crossed off what was previously a bucket list burger.

Clearer burger photo! Just stare at it! We won’t judge 😉

The Harlan Burger is elegant in its simplicity. It’s high quality beef (blend of sirloin, brisket, short rib) that we ordered to juicy mid-rare perfection. It’s topped with bacon/onion jam and cheddar ale sauce that oozes out the sides of the not-too-bready Portuguese bun, and even onto the cutting board the burger is presented on. It’s a bit messy, in a good way, but we combatted that by not even putting our burgers down. Gone in a matter of a few minutes and seconds, and we wouldn’t dare use a condiment. It didn’t need it.

The burger’s natural juices and the drops of cheese were mopped up by the salty, addictive fresh cut fries to the point where the dishwasher should’ve come out and thanked us for making his job that much easier.

No guesswork here, folks, we loved it, and we won’t wait so long for our next one now that we’ve finally had our first. Is it our favorite burger? Tough one. But it’s at least top three in Fairfield County.

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