The Best Mock Fast Food Burger in Fairfield County?

You’ve got to sink your teeth into Luke Venner’s version of the Double Double

 Ranking burgers in Fairfield County is a struggle. We’ve got a lot of damn good ones. Some get bumped, some make a comeback, other beasts get reinvented. I tend to categorize my burgers, for example, I think Match and Harlan Social/Publick have two of the area’s best GOURMET burgers, while South End Uncorked and The Parlor (yeah, I know that’s in Westchester) have a few of the best FAST FOOD STYLE double cheeseburgers.

Wait! Stop right there! There’s another contender in that mock fast food burger category…Elm. Yeah, that one, in New Canaan.

The weird part for us? We’ve never been to Elm, and that’s a damn shame because they get lots of acclaim in the media and from our close friends. Personally speaking, I always wanted to save it for a special occasion, or visit with a significant other. Nothing awesome has happened lately, and I’m single af, so a much raved about burger was reason enough to get me in the door, and it was my birthday week so calories don’t count.

It’s a steep $20 price tag, but justifiable if it’s this freaking good! Also good: juicy doesn’t mean greasy. We didn’t feel bad about ourselves after this 🙂

Just before the short drive on the backroads from Norwalk to New Canaan, Rob and I decided to work up an appetite with a meathead session at the gym. After that, we quickly got ready, met up, and sped over to Elm Street and arrived at Elm right when the doors opened for dinner service. We each hopped up on a barstool, ordered up a couple drinks, and looked over the menu, although we didn’t need it. We made it known after a few boozy sips that we “BADLY NEEDED” Elm’s version of In & Out’s Double Double, served Animal Style, meaning double American cheese, onion, shredded lettuce, ripe tomato, onion, and a secret sauce, all served on a buttery, griddled and slightly charred sesame seed bun. You have the option at a fine dining spot like Elm—and with top notch beef—to order yours pink (or gray, but why would you?). We asked for the pair of burgers as pink as possible without being raw.

Beer’d Dogs & Boats on tap was a nice companion to the burger. It’s a juicy Double IPA with big time tropical fruit and citrus notes.

These beasts came out looking glorious; piled high, cheese oozing out the side, juices dripping. Be honest, you’re a little turned on right now. The beef had a good sear, and was cooked to our mid-rare specifications. In every bite you got each topping, but neither topping was used in excess, and the bun stood up to the test of the juicy patties and tangy sauce. I didn’t put my burger down once because I couldn’t. It was too good. It was only not in my clutches when it was gone, and just drippings were left for me to swirl my well-salted, crispy fresh cut fries in.

That’s all I’ve got. I can’t speak on what else Elm has to offer until I visit again. This was a bucket list burger that bumped the rest of the mock fast food burgers to take the top spot, and it’s got serious staying power. Hell of a job on this one, Chef Luke Venner!

73 Elm Street
New Canaan, CT 06840
(203) 920-4994

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