Lock Me Up and Throw Away the Key!

Who knew that such a gem would appear in Belmont! Being new to North Carolina and Gaston County, I have been in search of the perfect cocktail that would take my breath away.  I’m from New York so when it comes to the artisan mixed concoction, the northern state does not disappoint. Living in Gaston County, NC, I had been feeling a little home sick and longed for the creativity of the right alcoholic beverage. While the North Carolina beer scene is pretty strong, I felt that what it lacked in was the cocktail joint that stood out above all the rest.

When we stumbled upon The Jailhouse in Belmont during one of our nightly adventures, I had a feeling that there was going to be something special about this place. First and foremost, its appearance drew me in. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to a place with iron bars on the windows? That’s correct. The jailhouse in Belmont is exactly what it is…or was. It was the old Belmont Jailhouse converted into a cocktail lounge for your drinking pleasure.


So, on a Saturday night, we decided to check it out. Upon entering, we learned that this was more than a cocktail lounge, but a cigar lounge as well. We also learned that one would need a membership to enter. Shockingly, the membership is an extremely fair price and well worth it if you ask me. Normally when a membership is necessary you would expect to pay over a hundred bucks, but this membership for the year came at the price equivalent to the cost of a single cocktail. Once you pay it and get upstairs, you will see that it is well worth it.

The jailhouse consists of two different levels. The first level is your cigar lounge where you may sip and puff at your leisure. Entering the top floor, you will enter a full bar with seating, complete with a humidor if you are in need of a cigar.

The Jailhouse has beer on tap as well as a list of specialty cocktails to choose from.  Without hesitation I had to order the Midnight Express, their spin on the Old Fashioned, but with a smoked glass. They set fire to hickory wood chips and smoke out your glass.  Just look at the photos and your mouth will water. This is probably one of the most impressive cocktails I have ever seen whipped up, and needless to say that it was one of the best tasting as well. Jailhouse needs to keep doing what they are doing cause they will stand out above all the rest.


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