Get Baked: An Inside Look at SoNo Baking Co.

Photos of, and words about one of CT’s best bakeries

I’m a huge fan of SoNo Baking Co. and that’s putting it mildly. I’ve been countless times, to both locations in South Norwalk and Darien. I’ve ordered multiple pies and cakes there every holiday season. I stop by for cookies and cupcakes when it’s a scheduled cheat day—don’t front, you know you have those too. And even if it’s not a cheat day, screw it, it doesn’t take much, just a new episode of The Walking Dead or some other show I’m into, to get me to stop by and pick up a sweet baked snack.

Yet…I’ve never blogged about SoNo Baking Co. until right now.



To me SoNo Baking Co. was always tough to write about. I’m not sure if it was just a place that I wanted to keep to myself because I’m a regular, or I just got so used to “regular” status, that I never thought about writing it up on Food Dudes.

The other reason why not? Without the proper access for a photo session, I couldn’t have done it justice. I’ve certainly eaten a majority of what the sell, so that wasn’t the issue. I just found it odd to create a post full of stuff I bought and brought home before it’s inevitable edible destruction.


My opportunity finally came about when I was invited to a media breakfast at the 12-year-old South Norwalk mainstay, complete with an array of pastries, breads, egg sandwiches, and their popular stuffed French toast. The bonus was being able to sit down with SoNo Baking Co.’s owner, John Barricelli, to talk shop and get to know him a bit. Our initial introduction was cool right from the jump, as he told me that he has read some of my food writing work, and I tossed the minor fandom back at him because I own one of his cookbooks, The Seasonal Baker.

The man himself, John Barricelli

Barricelli, as I found out that morning, is a third-generation baker, and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. At first, he worked as a cook at the Four Seasons and The River Café in New York City, and at Elms Restaurant & Tavern in Ridgefield, CT. His real passion through it all was baking bread and French pastry, which he pursued. His pursuit resulted in SoNo Baking Co. which opened in 2005, he also worked with Martha Stewart, and frequently appeared on Martha Stewart Living. In addition to The Seasonal Baker, Barricelli has another cookbook out there, titled The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook: The Best Sweet and Savory Recipes for Every Occasion.



At SoNo Baking Co., John showcases all of his baked creations, from some of the area’s finest, and crustiest, sourdough and baguette, to buttery croissants (my fave), pies (area’s best apple pie, imo), cakes, eclairs, biscotti, brioche, and a bunch more. The bakery also serves breakfast, lunch (PRO TIP: Get the Cubano), and weekend brunch. And if SoNo isn’t near you, maybe their Darien satellite location is, where you can grab soups, salads, hot and cold sandwiches, and pastries.


Another magnificent offering is the stuffed French toast, “filled” with vanilla pastry cream and  fresh berries, with a side of Doc’s Maple Syrup. The bread? It’s brioche.

So, that’s kinda all I got. I’m still unsure what this post is, maybe some sort of informative/fanboy/love letter to SoNo Baking Co., but I FINALLY got around to talking about it in bloggy form. Be sure to click on the photos—which I think came out so, so fresh— where I did a descriptive, review thingy.

Just get here already! Especially if you haven’t been. Order a pie or something. You clearly need one.

SoNo Baking Co.
101 Water Street, South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 847-7666


49 Tokeneke Road, Darien, CT 06820
(203) 309-5401

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