Total Ko

Highlights from the bar experience at Momofuku Ko

Knot Yo’ Average Sammiches

It doesn’t take a sleuth’s eye to notice that we don’t post reviews as much as we used to. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is that we don’t think EVERY restaurant needs to be reviewed. Additionally, we agreed that as a blog, we want to ONLY highlight eateries that we very…

Sweet as a Peach(es)

There’s a rule of journalism that states you shouldn’t write about family or friends. Normally I adhere to it, but not always. I’ve broken in a couple times. Screw it. I doubt I’m the only rebel out there. Still, there’s pressure that comes along with it. If you REALLY like their restaurant, you hope they…

Full Haus in Downtown Bridgeport

Bridgeport has a cool new hangout. Yeah, you read that right. The “cool” comes from the good folks that brought Southwestern Connecticut a couple of very good restaurants, Harlan Social in Stamford and Harlan Publick in South Norwalk. This concept is very different from those two.

New Haven Pizza: A Pictorial

At the start of 2017, I started some fun research for Westchester Magazine. Fun because…PIZZA! The piece, titled “A ‘Haven’ for Pizza Lovers,” was a food/travel article that featured four (I would’ve included Da Legna in here if I was allowed) popular New Haven pizza places, and short write-ups on each, including the pies they’re…